“The problem isn’t the desire itself, it’s the context. You need more sexually relevant stimuli activating the accelerator and fewer things hitting the brake.”

Emily Nagoski

Don't open your eyes 10 years from now and ask yourselves...what happened?

I know you are tired.I know you are overwhelmed.I know your time is limited.I know it feels easier to just not do anything about it.I know you feel like your life is no longer your own.


Small, simple, consistent and sustainable daily acts of intimate connection and communication, will transform your relationship right before your eyes.

Apply for my The Connected Couple program & begin to see immediate results.

Program Components

Communication inside & outside the bedroom

Communication is the foundation of your entire relationship. We will uncover and repair the areas that need tweaking so communication inside and outside the bedroom comes easy (no pun intended lol)

Defining Normal

We will debunk the myth that there is a specific "normal sex life" and inside discover that is normal for your relationship

Sex Drive

You will identify each of your personal sex drives and how they use desire and arousal to get "in the mood".

Time Management and


You will gain simple and sustainable strategies to effectively manage the crazy schedules of being parents. You will also create a more balanced co-parenting process so that both of you share the responsiblity and have the time for individual self care.

Self Care Plan

Self-care is just as important as being a parent and an intimate spouse. I will give the tools to include it in your every day routine.

Physical & Emotional


Ahhh..what are these and how do we do them? I will define them for you as well as give you quick ways to show one another intimacy on a daily basis.

Program Details

The Connected Couple Program Details

  • 0 50-min zoom sessions, 2 of which are 1:1 with just Jen and you.

  • Each session includes a topic for discovery, an session activity, and a take-home assignment to help bring the lesson to life in your relationship.

  • Daily Connection emails: curated daily emails with an emotional or physical question to spark conversation between the two of you.

  • Toolbox of worksheets and quizzes to support learning and reflection for each topic.

  • Limited access to Jen M-F via whats app for accountability and structure.

  • Video lesson on types of intimacy and simple and sustainable strategies to apply them to your relationship.

  • Guest speaker on co-parenting.

  • Journal for personal reflection.

  • Detailed follow-up email outlining next assignment/steps and review of the previous discussion (within 48hrs).

I’m much more interested in sex/intimacy with my husband in general. Before working with Jen, the thought of being intimate rarely crossed my mind and now I look forward to our time alone and think about sex way more than before.

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